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PrISM Oregon "Home Institutions"

The following public and independent universities are preparing courses for PrISM Oregon. Each of the universities has prepared a webpage for PrISM at its own website. We invite you to fill out a PrISM Oregon Application and select one of the seven universities as your "home institution." You must submit a PrISM application and choose a home institution prior to applying for tuition assistance and in order to receive a PrISM certificate.


PrISM Oregon and Master's Degrees

When you fill out the PrISM Oregon application, you select a "home institution" for your academic advising. If you wish to combine a Master's degree at one of the seven universities with the PrISM Oregon program, be sure to select that university as your "home." There are special rules for using courses from other universities within your master's degree, so you should be sure to consult your academic advisor as you are planning your master's program.



Choose Courses from Seven Universities!

You may take courses from any of the participating universities to complete your PrISM certificate. The online, hybrid, field-based and intensive courses in the PrISM Oregon program allow you to take advantage of the combined mathematics and science expertise of more than 35 science and mathematics faculty at seven public and independent universities. Teachers throughout Oregon can have access to top-notch instructors no matter where they live.

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