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PrISM Oregon Faculty

Faculty Name University Affiliation
Nancy Aitken, M.S. Lewis & Clark College
Kasi C. Allen, Ph.D. Lewis & Clark College
Nancy Anderson, M.S. Portland State University
Charles R. Ault, Jr., Ph.D. Lewis & Clark College
John Baek, Ph.D. Oregon State University
Deborah Barany, Ph.D. Lewis & Clark College
Raymond Bard, Ph.D. University of Portland
Vern R. Beeson, M.S. Portland State University
Ellen Morris Bishop, Ph.D. Lewis & Clark College
Cathryn Brown, M.Ed Portland State University
Robert Butler, Ph.D. University of Portland
James Carroll, Ph.D. University of Portland
Anna G. Cavinato, Ph.D. Eastern Oregon University
Christine Chaille, Ph.D. Portland State University
Tom Cochran, M.S. Oregon State University
Jackie Cooke, M.S. Portland State University
Joseph Corsini, Ph.D. Eastern Oregon University
Arlene Courtney, Ph.D. Western Oregon University
Michael L. Cummings, Ph.D. Portland State University
Elizabeth Dickey, M.S. Portland State University
Bryan Dutton, Ph.D. Western Oregon University
Melina Dyer, M.Ed. Lewis & Clark College
John H. Falk, Ph.D. Oregon State University
Mary J. Fields, M.S. Eastern Oregon University
Larry Flick, Ph.D. Oregon State University
Angela Hoffman, Ph.D. University of Portland
Mark Horney, Ph.D. University of Oregon
Michael Jaeger, Ed.D. Eastern Oregon University
Nam Hwa Kang, Ph.D. Oregon State University
Dwight Kimberly, M.S. George Fox University
Jerry Kuykendall, M.S. Lewis & Clark College
Carol Lauritzen, Ph.D. Eastern Oregon University
Bonnie Magura, MAT Lewis & Clark College
Ann McMahon, M.S. Portland State University
Susan McWilliams, M.S. Lewis & Clark College
Charles Morlan Portland State University
David Moursund, Ph.D. University of Oregon
Patricia D. Morrell, Ph.D. University of Portland
Swapna Mukhopadhyay, Ph.D. Portland State University
Kathy Muller Eastern Oregon University
Miriam Munck, Ed.D. Eastern Oregon University
Margaret Niess, Ph.D. Oregon State University
Donna Rainboth, M.S. Eastern Oregon University
Kathy Reed, M.Ed. Portland State University
Nicole Miller Rigelman, Ed.D. Portland State University
Shawn Rowe, Ph.D. Oregon State University
Susan Sahnow, Ed.M. University of Portland
Linda Samek, Ed.D. George Fox University
Adele Schepige, Ed.D. Western Oregon University
Bill Schoenfeld, Ph.D. Western Oregon University
Barbara J. Shaw, Ph.D. Portland State University
Jaimie Steinfeld, M.A. Portland State University
Emily H. van Zee, Ph.D. Oregon State University
Jane Witmire, Ph.D. Eastern Oregon University
Scott Ziglinski, M.S. Lewis & Clark College
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