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PrISM Oregon
PrISM Oregon
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PrISM Oregon

Preparation for Instruction of Science & Math

A statewide collaboration of public and private colleges and universities to build the capacity of Oregon’s K-8 teachers in math & science instruction


Mathematics and Science Education faculty at Eastern Oregon University, George Fox University, Lewis & Clark College, Oregon State University, Portland State University, University of Portland, and Western Oregon University are developing a set of exciting, inquiry-based, integrated math and science courses that feature accessibility to teachers throughout Oregon. Courses for preK-8 teachers are available in various online and flexible formats that meet the needs of working teachers. All courses are graduate-level and based on a common, equivalent tuition across institutions. Besides the graduate credit that you can use for renewing your teaching license or as part of a master's degree program, you will earn a program completion PrISM Certificate and will gain confidence in your ability to effectively teach mathematics and science.

Although many PrISM courses are aimed at pK-8 teachers, many others are equally interesting and helpful for high school teachers. High school teachers may enroll in these courses, receive graduate credit, and are eligible to receive tuition assistance. Please contact the PrISM academic advisor at your home institution or the course instructor if you have any question about the applicability of a particular course to the high school level.

Fall 2010 PrISM Courses

There are 8 PrISM courses being offered Fall 2010. Remember that you must register directly with the university teaching the course.


If you are employed in an Oregon pK-12 school and are seeking tuition assistance for a PrISM Oregon course, click on "Tuition Assistance" in the navigation bar on the left. GREAT NEWS! The amount of tuition assistance was recently increased to 80% for teachers employed in high-need Oregon schools and 60% for teachers employed in non-high-need Oregon schools. (See the tuition assistance page for the list of high-need schools.) We must have your PrISM application with a chosen home institution noted before you submit a tuition assistance application.

ADDED BONUS! Tuition assistance will also cover field course fees and some travel/accommodation expenses at the same rate.

What are teachers saying about PrISM Oregon?

We made a 4-part short video to introduce teachers to PrISM that features three different Oregon teachers talking about PrISM and the PrISM instructional themes. Click on the videos below to hear what they had to say.

PrISM Oregon Introduction

Jackie Cooke, 2nd grade teacher, West Gresham Grade School

Michael Becker, 6th grade teacher, Hood River Middle School

Julie Gayer, 5th grade teacher, Antonia Crater Elementary


We invite you to fill out a PrISM Oregon Application and select one of the seven universities as your "home institution." You must have a home institution and have a PrISM application on file before you can apply for tuition assistance.

COURSE EVALUATIONS for 2010 courses

One of our grant requirements is that we poll students on PrISM courses and how well the courses align with the PrISM goals. It's very important that we gather this data, even though we know that means that you will be asked to fill out the PrISM course evaluation in addition to a course evaluation at the university teaching the course you are taking. If you are taking or have just completed a winter or spring 2010 course from one of the public universities or the independent institutions, please follow this link to a course evaluation form. And thank you for helping us achieve grant monitoring requirements.

Make Mathematics & Science EXCITING for You and Your Students!

  • Make your lessons exciting and engaging by integrating mathematics and science across the curriculum!
  • Solve real-world problems with your students by thinking mathematically and scientifically!
  • Help your students apply mathematics and science principles to their own lives, families, and communities!
  • Help your students make the connections and reach the understandings in science and mathematics that will enable them to achieve more and will prepare them for the new rigorous graduation requirements!

PreK-8 teachers, after school program instructors, and members of science and math educational organizations throughout Oregon will learn ways to integrate mathematics and science instruction that engages ALL learners.

The contents of this website were developed under a grant from the U.S. Department of Education through the Fund for Improvement of Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE). However, the contents do not necessarily represent the policy of the U.S. Department of Education, and you should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government. PrISM Oregon is managed by The Teaching Research Institute, Western Oregon University.
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